#169 - Using extra blanket instead of turning heating on at night

In this cold time of the year and being someone who freezes rather quickly, I tend to be cold at night. Instead of putting the heating on, I’m using a second blanket to stay warm.

Using extra blanket instead of turning heating on at night saving energy


  1. My comment is about your joined information with your last post: "I'm excited to be invited to present my Challenge at the International Conference on Global Warming & Climate Change 2020, which is on September 10th-11th 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand. climatechangeconference.co
    If you want to join too, mention this tweet so that you get a discount."
    I would say - sorry, but a real challenge would be to refuse to go there by plane and instead to present your challenge by "Skype" or another technical solution -then you would have a REAL impact....!

    1. I indeed will do the presentation by video conferencing so that I won't have to fly.

  2. You can't imagine how happy I 'm to hear, that you will do it by vidoe conferencing! You annoncement in your post - also with giving other people the idea to go to this conference, was not clear for me, at this point...;-) (sorry, for my englisch- my german and french are better...;-)


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