My note on Day 1

290 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

 Last year, I started bullet journaling: in a notebook I write notes, lists, what I did during the day, to do's, how I felt etc. Today, I was curious what I wrote on Day 1. It says: I'm really excited as I started my Challenge! (I mixed up Dutch, German and English).

#290 - Doing non-motorized sports

I like some motorized sports, for example go-kart. But obviously, it is a lot more environmentally friendly to do non-motorized sports.

What I give is what I get back

289 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

When I started my Challenge, I had the prejudice that many comments on social media are negative/critical. But I found out that this is not necessarily true: I get mostly wonderful comments. That's why I believe: when I give love to the world, I get love back.

#289 - Letting dishes dry naturally instead of using dishwasher dryer

I noticed that when I do the dishes using the dish washer, the last part is drying the dishes. But as the dishes can also dry naturally, I decided to open the door and stop the program to save energy.

Taking a break

288 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Today, I take a break: I want to rest, not to quit.

#288 - Reusing address label from magazine as business card

When I get a magazine sent by post, it often contains a label with my address on it. I can keep this label with my business cards in case I need to give someone my private address.

Sleep well, be well

287 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

This weekend, I slept a lot to recharge my batteries. I pay attention to having enough sleep as it's crucial to me for being creative and thinking clearly. This in turn is crucial for finishing all my tasks, including my Challenge. That's why this is true for me:

#287 - Preparing a vegan meal

I know that eating vegetarian meals is helpful to reduce CO2 emissions and that this is even more the case with vegan meals. That’s why I consciously prepared a vegan meal.

#286 - Wearing hard instead of soft contact lenses

When I am wearing hard contact lenses, I am really happy that I decided not to wear weak ones. Weak ones should be replaced a lot more often and cannot be recycled. So I produce a lot less waste.

Appreciating nature even more

285 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Yesterday, I had a day off from work. I decided to have a break from staying at home and visited a place out of town that is quiet, peaceful and green. I noticed that as I'm working really hard on preserving our environment, I appreciate nature even more.

#285 - Using smallest container possible to save space in dishwasher

Whenever making pizza, there is always a leftover. I make sure that I use the smallest possible container, because this saves space in the dishwasher when I have finished using the container. By saving space, it takes longer for the dishwasher to be full, so that is has to run less often.

News on what happens after Day 365

284 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Last night, I couldn't sleep, because I was so excited. I had a new idea about what will happen after Day 365. I felt this excitement too when I came up with this Challenge so I know this is it. And typical for me: now I can't wait! (I'll give you a hint: good luck!)

#284 - Rinsing bucket in stream instead of using tap water

Watering the plants yesterday with water from the stream made me realize that I can also clean the bucket in the stream.


283 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

I believe that the hreat stores a lot of wisdom. And as the brain is good at using experience to make things easier, I guess you read "heart". But "earth" works with these letters too. To be able to finish my Challenge, I have to break through such automatisms.

#283 - Filling watering can with water from stream instead of tap

I have been thinking of using shower water to water the plants. But it contains soap, so I’m not sure that that is a good idea. So I’ve decided to get water from a stream instead. The good thing is that this water doesn’t need to be cleaned by the wastewater treatment plant.

Mattering to others

282 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

I learned that mattering to other people is a fundamental need for human beings. For me, this is indeed true: I do love to matter and make a difference to your life and this world by sharing my ideas. And you matter a lot to me too, knowing you're in this with me.

#282 - Closing tap while soaping hands

Due to the Corona crisis, I wash my hands more often than normally. That’s why it is even more relevant that I make sure I close the tap while soaping my hands, as it saves water.

Accepting unpleasant feelings

281 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Obviously, there are days on which I don't feel so great (Day 280). In the past, I focused on not wanting to feel that way, which made it worse. I've learned that by accepting less pleasant feelings, they go away quicker and I can enjoy the positive feelings more.

#281 - Printing in black and white instead of color

When I print, I tend to not only print in draft quality (#268), but also to print black and white whenever possible. I have learned that it saves dye and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

How an old pain is making me stronger

280 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Today, I share with you how an old pain is making me stronger, hoping that it makes you stronger too (duration: 1:46 min):