My wish for Christmas

What do you want for Christmas? I’ve been asked this recently and have been wondering as I don’t want stuff. I realized it's financial support, so I can keep my work for you up. Do you want to give me a present too? You can do so at Thank you!❤️

What you want may already be right by your side

This is so right! We might just be looking in the wrong direction. That's why focus is so important: whatever it is, we will be looking in that direction. So, I prefer looking at what I want instead of what not. And here is today's advent surprise: Loading... Twitter Embed Code Retweet text: Sometimes the thing you're searching for your whole life, it's right there by your side all along. #birds #nature #photos #photooftheday #naturephotography #LovelyBirdsInChina

#238 - Brewing coffee with beans instead of cups

I have to admit that I don’t drink coffee. But I have been asked on Twitter to add this item. And it’s true, using this cups generates a lot of waste, as one is needed for every cup.

My strategy to open pumpkin seed

I've been testing ways to open pumpkin seeds. My quickest result so far: let them dry for one week and open them in the way as shown in the video. This way, no food is wasted. I love to hear when you have an even better tactic! Daily advent surprise:

We have so much more in common with other animals

Aww, I can't stop myself from sharing so much love with you! And when looking at them, I see again that we have so much more in common with other animals than we often realize. #love #kindnessmatters #animalJustice #sustainableLiving Loading... Twitter Embed Code Retweet text: ※※※ This cute family hug ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜˜ #wildlifephotography #wildearth

#603 - Creating vegan body scrub and reusing empty containers

I found a nice recipe to create vegan body scrub. It is really easy to make, as it basically involves chopping the lemon up, mixing it with the rest and storing it cool. 1 lemon 30 g olive oil 40 g coconut oil 300 g sugar I love the oily feeling after having used the scrub.  

Protecting trees around building site

This is now obligatory in The Netherlands: whenever something is built, such as a road or a house, and trees around it could be hurt by for example a truck, they have to be protected as you can see here. I love this as trees are precious!

Water for everyone

Not everyone has access to clean #water. Did you know that 2% dehydration already affects us? We have less energy, possible head aches, brain fog, ... Enough reasons to stay hydrated and make it available to all. And today's surprise: #SDG6 #gogreen Loading... Twitter Embed Code Retweet text: Water is the driving force of all nature ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ‚๐ŸฆŒ have a lovely Friday ๐Ÿ˜Œ #daughterpic #nature #beauty #NaturePhotography #photooftheday #photo #fridaymorning

#237 - Pouring back excessive oil

Making my salad (#78), I used some oil for the sauce. But as I was thinking about my Challenge, I didn’t pay attention. So I poured in too much oil. I decided to pour it back in the original container, so that I didn’t have to throw it away.

Recharging batteries with jigsaw puzzle

Sometimes I forget how much certain activities recharge me. For example yesterday, I did a jigsaw puzzle, which a very mindful activity: it emptied my mind of thoughts for hours. Have a mindful Sunday too and check out your daily advent surprise at

Hiding in front of my eyes

This beautiful picture reminds me of butter. Butter? Yes, butter also has the tendency to hide right in front of my eyes. ๐Ÿคฃ We'll see whether my coconut oil does this too, which I've started eating instead to reduce dairy. #sustainableLiving #naturelovers #veganism Loading... Twitter Embed Code Retweet text: Great Grey Owl - British Columbia, Canada. Hiding in plain sight

#602 - Saving elastics from worn out clothing to make other clothing fit better

When I have old clothes that also someone else can't wear anymore, it makes sense to keep the parts that I can still use. So, I appreciate this idea by @BluePati to keep the elastics and use them to make other clothes fit better.  

Seed-present for 1 year self-employed

This is a lovely present: I received it for being self-employed for one year. When I opened it, I felt that the paper was different: a little rough instead of smooth. After reading the congratulation message, I understood why: the paper contains seeds for a fruitful future.

What should you do more of?

Often in life, we know what to do, and what is good for us, but we're still not doing it. Such as resting/moving more, drinking less alcohol, stop smoking, etc. What is it for you? I'll be resting today. And check out your daily advent surprise at Loading... Twitter Embed Code Retweet text: One of the many highlights of our tours in wildlife packed #CostaRica tent bats! Tiny and so so cute! Come and join us

#236 - Sharing glass to reduce dishes in dishwasher

Apart from reusing my cup to reduce dishes (#67), I decided to share my glass. Instead of having two glasses for washing up, I only had one.

Advent calendar

As a child, each year I got an advent calendar as present. It contained chocolate. This year, Catherine Polet and I have created one for you, which is environmentally friendly. Click here to access your daily surprise:

Peeking around the world

Imagine to have all these beautiful guests on your balcony! As they don't live where I live, I'm fascinated and love this peek in other parts of the world; the beautiful planet which conservation I support daily. #naturelover #naturelovers #sustainableLiving Loading... Twitter Embed Code Retweet text: lorikeets are any of 53 species of exceptionally colourful parrots of Australia and New Guinea that feed on pollen and nectar and small insects and are important pollinators of many trees, including coconut palms.Show this thread

#601 - Implementing what I learned about how I can grow spring onions at home

I read in one of my magazines (Happy Way) how I can regrow spring onions. It is very easy: I kept about 5 cm (2 inches) from the bottom and put it into an old pizza glass with a little water. Then only exchange the water every three days and after a few weeks, I have a new spring onion.  

Sawing a sustainable present

A baby is born. What do you gift? Many buy new clothes where I live, but the children can't wear these often. So, I've decided to give a more sustainable present: I sawed these letters and painted them. They will bring joy for many years and I had to buy nothing.

Dancing bird

Great moves lovely bird! I love dancing too. It's a great way to empty my mind. #nature #naturelovers #naturelover Loading... Twitter Embed Code Retweet text: Beautiful Birds