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#286 - Wearing hard instead of soft contact lenses

When I am wearing hard contact lenses, I am really happy that I decided not to wear weak ones. Weak ones should be replaced a lot more often and cannot be recycled. So I produce a lot less waste.

Appreciating nature even more

285 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Yesterday, I had a day off from work. I decided to have a break from staying at home and visited a place out of town that is quiet, peaceful and green. I noticed that as I'm working really hard on preserving our environment, I appreciate nature even more.

#285 - Using smallest container possible to save space in dishwasher

Whenever making pizza, there is always a leftover. I make sure that I use the smallest possible container, because this saves space in the dishwasher when I have finished using the container. By saving space, it takes longer for the dishwasher to be full, so that is has to run less often.

News on what happens after Day 365

284 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Last night, I couldn't sleep, because I was so excited. I had a new idea about what will happen after Day 365. I felt this excitement too when I came up with this Challenge so I know this is it. And typical for me: now I can't wait! (I'll give you a hint: good luck!)

#284 - Rinsing bucket in stream instead of using tap water

Watering the plants yesterday with water from the stream made me realize that I can also clean the bucket in the stream.


283 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

I believe that the hreat stores a lot of wisdom. And as the brain is good at using experience to make things easier, I guess you read "heart". But "earth" works with these letters too. To be able to finish my Challenge, I have to break through such automatisms.

#283 - Filling watering can with water from stream instead of tap

I have been thinking of using shower water to water the plants. But it contains soap, so I’m not sure that that is a good idea. So I’ve decided to get water from a stream instead. The good thing is that this water doesn’t need to be cleaned by the wastewater treatment plant.

Mattering to others

282 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

I learned that mattering to other people is a fundamental need for human beings. For me, this is indeed true: I do love to matter and make a difference to your life and this world by sharing my ideas. And you matter a lot to me too, knowing you're in this with me.

#282 - Closing tap while soaping hands

Due to the Corona crisis, I wash my hands more often than normally. That’s why it is even more relevant that I make sure I close the tap while soaping my hands, as it saves water.

Accepting unpleasant feelings

281 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Obviously, there are days on which I don't feel so great (Day 280). In the past, I focused on not wanting to feel that way, which made it worse. I've learned that by accepting less pleasant feelings, they go away quicker and I can enjoy the positive feelings more.

#281 - Printing in black and white instead of color

When I print, I tend to not only print in draft quality (#268), but also to print black and white whenever possible. I have learned that it saves dye and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

How an old pain is making me stronger

280 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Today, I share with you how an old pain is making me stronger, hoping that it makes you stronger too (duration: 1:46 min):

#280 - Drinking from glass instead of plastic reusable bottle

I have written before, that I have a plastic bottle (#12) to replace a deposit bottle. But it is still plastic, so I now prefer using my glass flask.

#279 - Meditating instead of eating comfort food to relax

I have found several ways to relax after I’ve been working really hard. Doing sports, such as running, but also meditating. It works better and longer for me than eating comfort food.

My inner compass

278 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Even though it isn't easy to make decisions that aren't mainstream (Day 277), I feel very strongly that it's the right decision. I've learned that I can trust my inner compass and can feel where my True North is: my compass also showed me the way to my Challenge.

#278 - Refraining from letting balloon up

Balloons that are sent up with helium, obviously pop at some point and fall down somewhere. As this can be anywhere, it is very unlikely that it is in a bin. So I refrain from sending one up from now on.

Serving the world

277 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

This week, I discussed with my bosses whether I'll go for a promotion this year. Even though it's financially attractive and I'm ready for it, I decided against it: it would reduce the amount of time and energy I can put in serving the world with my Challenge.

#277 - Driving a smaller rather than larger car

When I rent a car, I make sure that I use a car as small as possible. This way, I use as little petrol/electricity as possible.

Making dreams come true

276 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Today, I've been wondering why I often come up with huge projects. For example, my PhD and my first book both took four years, my second book three and this Challenge one. I now know: when I have a dream, I want to make it come true, no matter how long it takes.

#276 - Using smaller glasses to use less space in dishwasher

I noticed that I have glasses with different widths at the top (where I drink). As the larger glasses take up more space in the dish washer, this requires me to put the dish washer on more often. So I now prefer using the smaller glasses.

Trusting that seeds will become flowers

275 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Whilst sharing my ideas, I can't see when someone translates ideas into action in the physical world (Day 274). Therefore, I have trust: I trust that having planted seeds is worth it and brings forth many flowers, even when I might never see them grow or blossom.

#275 - Putting pizza in oven without preheating

When making my weekly pizza, I have decided to stop preheating the oven and instead put the pizza in the oven immediately. This way, I use all heat.

Acting in the physical world is essential

274 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Discussing climate issues makes a difference as talking/thinking changes our mental world. However, if I'd only thought about my Challenge, I wouldn't have changed my habits and you wouldn't have heard about it. That's why acting in the physical world is essential.

#274 - Using same sports equipment/cloths for different sports

I love doing sports. To be able to this safely and enjoy it, I use proper sports equipment. In the past, I had for example different cloths for different sports. But as I can use/wear some equipment/cloths for different sports, I do so these days. This saves me money and less stuff/cloths.

The process of writing my posts

273 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

As Twitter has a character limitation of 280 for each tweet, I need to juggle with both words and thoughts so that my message fits. As this can be tough, I often write a first version which I put away for a while. When I get back, shortening/rewriting is easier.

#273 - Replacing empty dispenser by a block of soap instead of using refill package (#168)

After having an empty dispenser, I realized it is better to buy a refill-package than to buy a new one (#186). But this refill-package still consists of a lot of plastic. So this time, I decided to buy a block of soap. As I bought it in a package-free shop (#160), I had no waste at all.

#272 - Using the same pan to cook two parts of the meal

I recently cooked a meal with potatoes and red cabbage. I decided to use the same pan twice: after cooking the potatoes, it was still hot so heating up the cabbage went a lot quicker. And it saved energy and dishes.

Projects within projects

271 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

What I absolutely love is coming up with a new idea and putting it into practice. My Challenge is such a project. Also, each post is a tiny project, which in turn can contain a project (e.g. #249). No wonder I at night feel pleased about having achieved so much.

#271 - Cutting away as little as possible when cleaning paprika

When cutting paprika, I didn’t really pay attention to cutting away as little paprika as possible. This resulted in throwing away a bit of paprika unnecessarily. Now I do pay attention.

Test: Do I live my life to the fullest?

270 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Every now and then, I ask myself: "If I would die tomorrow, what would I regret about today?" It might sound obscure, but it helps me to test whether I live my life to the fullest. For today, the answer is "nothing", so I know I'm on the right track.

#270 - Cooking potatoes in slices to reduce cooking time

I used to cut potatoes in half. In that case, they take 15 minutes to get cooked. So I decided to cut them in thinner slices. Now I only have to cook them for 10 minutes.

Being present

269 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Being present in the moment as opposed to hanging around in my head is important for my Challenge. It allows me to hear what my body tells me about how I'm doing. For example, stiff shoulders tell me I need a break. This way, I stay healthy despite the hard work.

#269 - Letting food cool down outside of fridge

In the past, I sometimes put leftovers in the fridge while it was still warm. But that obviously warms up the fridge, so I now let it cool down outside of the fridge and put it in later.

Plans for 365 Sustainable Decisions book

268 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Thanks for sharing your view on Day 262 about a 365 Sustainable Decisions book! As I've published two books before, I know I love writing. However, it is also lonely at times. So I'll now look for a publisher to be able to work together with someone.

#268 - Printing in draft instead of normal quality

When I really do have to print something, I tend to print in draft quality. This requires less ink than when printing in normal quality.

Feeling offended and good about the same message

267 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

I rarely feel offended about a message on social media. But when in do, I in the end feel good about that same message. In this video, I share how that's possible (duration: 00:01:00):

#267 - Protecting smartphone with cover and screen film

Even though I treat my smartphone carefully, it of course sometimes happens that I drop it. To prevent my smartphone from breaking, I bought a cover and a protective layer for the screen. I haven’t broken any of my phones yet (fingers crossed it stays like that).

Taking the leap

266 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Fear is often something that holds people back from doing things they want. But I once did a course that included the exercise to go skydiving to show me that I can do things even when I'm scared. I'm glad I took the leap and jumped into my Challenge.

#266 - Driving electric car on green energy instead of one with petrol

To reduce the amount of required fossil fuels, it makes sense to drive an electric car that is charged with green energy. As I don’t have my own car (#97), it means I rent an electric one whenever possible.

#265 - Filling vegetable tray outside the fridge

I recently had to organize my vegetables in the fridge tray, so that they would all fit. To be able to keep the door of the fridge closed, I took out the tray.


264 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Today, I lost track of time and almost forgot about making today's post, because I've been gathering materials and been working on an insect hotel / bug hotel. I love being in such a state: I forget everything around me and am concentrated for hours. It's called flow.

#264 - Wearing cylindrical cloth as face mask (using boiling water to disinfect) instead of one-way mask

As it is obligated for me to wear a face mask when going to a shop, I have decided to use an cylindrical cloth which I had anyway instead of a one-way mask. I can put the cloth in boiling water to disinfect it.

Honoring the small things

263 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Today, I received a picture from someone who took action based on yesterday's idea. I think I love my #Challenge so much because I really enjoy such small things. And it reminds me of the Dutch saying: "Who does not honor small things, is not worthy of great things."

#263 - Using reusable to-do list (laminated paper with water-soluble pen/pencil)

I love to-do lists as they give me structure and help me to work more efficiently. Instead of having a paper to-do list, I have a piece of paper that I laminated. I write on it with water-soluble ink so that I can use this to-do list over and over again.

#262 - Making place for bees to drink

I have planted a lot of flowers (#248). To make sure the bees also have something to drink, I took an old pot that was left behind by someone, filled it with water and put old corks in it. I was so happy when I saw a bee using it (top left corner)!

The power of intention

261 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

Intention is really powerful and essential for my Challenge. In this video I explain why:

#261 - Keeping glasses from pizza sauce to use for tea

As I’m eating pizza every weekend, I have a lot of glasses left. I decided to keep them as them might become useful. And indeed, when I went shopping in the package free shop (#160), I brought them with me for tea. As they all have the same size, it now looks really neat in the cupboard.

Building a tower

260 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

When making a difference by building a
tower, it makes more sense to put stones on top of each other nicely than scatter them and believe they somehow pile up by themselves. My Challenge is my first project in which I consistently put all stones in one, high tower.

#260 - Sticking last piece of soap to new soap to be able to use all

Whenever I have finished using a block of soap, there is a tiny bit left. I have been thinking about making new soap from a lot of left overs. But sticking it to the next block is a lot easier.

5 Ways to reduce water consumption

What are some effective ways to reduce water consumption?

In this article by Erlijn Van Genuchten​ we look at 5 simple actions we can all take!

What ways you try to avoid consuming too much water?

Stay strong / may the force be with you

259 days into my 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge:

When I started changing my habits 259 days ago, my loved ones had to get used to this. Luckily, this went smoothly. In case you have to put a bit more effort into convincing them, stay strong. Or for today: may the force be with you!


#259 - Opening milk carton to get out last bit of milk

I saw someone else doing this and find it a very clever idea to get the last bit out of the carton. And I didn’t even realize that there is always a tiny bit left.

#258 - Deleting own unused account or from person who passed away

I learned from someone that keeping unused accounts causes a lot of “dead accounts” to exist (both from living people and persons who passed away). The problem with such accounts is that they in large amounts for example use a lot of storage space, so that more hard drives are required and more energy is used. So I went through my accounts and deleted those that I haven’t used for years.