Where did you learn English? 

I learned it in school and as a student, I lived in the UK for a while to improve my English. I'm happy I learned there for life, as it helps me to share my ideas the way I do now.

When did you start riding a bike?

Judging from this picture, I was about 3 years old. In The Netherlands, where I'm from, cycling is an important means of transport so it's common to learn it at a young age.

How do your weekdays look like? (during Corona stay-at-home time)

8: getting up
8:30: job and Challenge
12: lunch break & sports

2: job and Challenge
5: dinner, relaxing (e.g. with friends)
7: crafting for Challenge
10: to sleep

Do you have a partner? 

Yes, I have. I'm very grateful that I've already been able to spend many years with him and hope to have many more.

In what did you do your bachelor/master degree? 

My bachelor was in information science (that's my IT background); my master in educational sciences (as I love sharing knowledge and skills).

In what did you do a PhD? 

In psychology. I investigated why pictures are beneficial to learning. I chose this topic as it combined what interested me in my bachelor and master degrees.

Who's inspiring you or is/was your 'role model'? 

Not a person but my curiosity/interest is inspiring me: as I'm eager to learn, I get to know different points of view, which inspire me.

Which of your new habits are most satisfying? 

Currently, everything I do to save water, e.g. shorter showers (#9). I'm curious about how large the difference is when I get the next water-usage summary.

How do you pronounce your name? 

You can hear the pronunciation of my name in my introduction video. However, as IJ is a very Dutch sound, I also respond to "airline". (This has led to some funny confusions in the past, being called Airplane and Railway 🤣).

Can you send me a message with your posts as reminder? 

Yes, you can sign up for an email notifications. To receive these, fill in your email address in the menu bar on the left. After entering, you will receive a verification email. If you don't receive one, maybe it landed in your spam box.

What habits have you changed so far? 

As my goal is to live more sustainable, I keep up what I have posted as much as and whenever possible. Therefore, I have permanently changed most habits.

How did you come up with your Challenge? 

In summer 2019, my employer asked for ideas on how to become more sustainable. During my cycling holiday, I brainstormed and the idea then suddenly popped up.

Are your cheeks always reddish? 

Yes, they are. The color you see is my natural color as I'm not using make-up. I only wear make-up in the picture on Day 297 as you have to wear it on TV.